10 Facts About Swami Vivekananda

The Nation is observing the 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of India, on Friday. Swami Vivekananda had introduced Indian philosophies of Vedanta and yoga to the western world. The birthday of one of the greatest spiritual leaders Swami Vivekananda on January 12 is celebrated as National Youth Day in India. Here is some facts about Vivekananda that you must know.

1.     Swami Vivekananda was Philosopher, Orator, Educator and Spiritual Genius.

2.     Many Indian known and believe  that Vivekananda was born  rich. The fact is that he was burn rich but after the death of his father, his family become very poor and he used to tell his mother that he has lunch invitation at  some place just to move out from  home and stay with out food.

3.     Vivekananda is known for his intellect but he scored 56%  in his bachelor of arts exam.

4.     Despite being a good student, he failed to get a job for a very long time. That’s when he went through a period of spiritual crisis.

5.     Swami Vivekananda used to ask for job from door to door. When he failed to get a job, he gradually turned into an atheist and would openly say that there was no such thing as God.

6.     Ajit Singh, the Maharaja of Khetri, used to send Rs 100 to Swamiji’s mother on a regular basis to tide over financial issues.

7.     No women including  his mother were allowed in his monastery

8.     The family  of Vivekananda had a history committed suiside.

9.     Vivekananda loved khichdi and it was regularly searved in his monastery

10.   Vivekananda had always said that he will not live till 40years of age and it happend when he died at 39.