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“Mo Odisha” is one of the well known News Websites in Odisha. Mo Odisha is a news portal functioning since 2006 and appreciated by thousand of viewers. This news portal is a part of Pabitrainfotech with media partners: – E-Halchal, Ollywood Diary, Odisha market, Pabitra Entertainment, Namaskar Odisha, and Odisha Radio.

As it is one of the Latest Odisha News sites, the principal aim of “Mo-Odisha “is to give Odia news over the globe. This news entryway depends on the two Odia and English Language. Mo-Odisha gives its day by day news sustains from Odisha, every common feature including most recent breaking news on different classifications like governmental issues, business, games, politics, entertainment, and crime. News Websites in Odisha are the intense source in any general public since they give the most recent news on different issues as one bundle. With a new entrance, you can get news on different themes like politics, world, business, sports, amusement, fund, and so forth at once. There is no restriction to what number of articles one can read. With daily papers, individuals can just read the articles contained in the daily paper. One of the benefits of the Odisha News Website “Mo Odisha Site is that the miscellaneous classes can be secured on a solitary page.